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About the Project Refillcase

REFILL CASE s.r.o. was created on the basis of the unique invention of the changable returnable packing, which is biodegradable. This invention provides a sustainable solution for reducing the amount of plastic waste in junkyard and the environment. On this principle, we offer solutions for both manufacturers and consumers in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and other industries.

Why Refillcase?

  • Bottle for use more than 50 times

  • Cost savings around 55%

  • Quick ROI

  • Minimum plastic waste  – classical foil, lid

  • No plastic waste – bio-degradable foil, recyclable lid


Registration: 16-2008 / 05.02.2008

Registration number: 5263

Legal status: Valid

MPT: B65D 77/22

Author: Michalko Milan, Ing.; Lichardova 2802/12; 010 01 Žilina; Slovensko

World Patent Application Number: PCT/SK2017/05006

Patent Number: 288512

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