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REFILL CASE s.r.o. was created on the basis of the unique invention of the changable returnable packing, which is biodegradable. This invention provides a sustainable solution for reducing the amount of plastic waste in junkyard and the environment. On this principle, we offer solutions for both manufacturers and consumers in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and other industries.


We offer patented technology for industrial use. Plastic packaging with the possibility of packaging and unpacking after use.
Plastic bottles are “dressed” in a special foil before filling. After consuming the content, it is pounded and discarded into a compost where it naturally decomposes, which does not produce any other plastic waste. Thereafter, a new recyclable film is embedded and this process is repeated indefinitely.

Our packaging technology also includes a collection system for which we have developed a special electronically controlled collection container. The container communicates via a recycled plastic chip as well as with the collection center, which gives the manufacturer a complete history of the product and knows when to empty the containers. At the same time, the container serves the consumer as a point charger for each returned bottle. The entire collection system saves money for buyers, product manufacturers and municipal administration, and is also available for cities and municipalities.

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